Get the Look: Campaign Furniture

If I’m obsessed with anything, it’s campaign furniture.   I grew up surrounded by some pretty amazing campaign pieces, and now as I’ve been decorating my own home, I love to track them down.  Rooted in military campaign history, these pieces were designed to be easy to transport (think stackable!). Traditionally the hardware was recessed to allow for easy carrying and stowing. In more recent design, you see them mostly as dressers, side tables, and desks.

In our home, I wanted to find a way to integrate a large dresser into our family room in lieu of a traditional media cabinet. It’s the perfect place to corral DVDs as well as my son’s toys with all of its drawers. They also make perfect entryway pieces or office storage. An estate sale find got a fresh lease on life thanks to some spray paint and now houses my work supplies in my studio upstairs. Color me happy!
But where to find a fab campaigner? A handful of companies make modern interpretations but you can also find some pretty amazing vintage pieces on Craigslist, eBay and Etsy as well as local estate sales (usually the cheapest option).  Adjusting your search terms can make a huge difference depending on where you’re searching. Etsy has some gorgeous finds, but in my experience I’ve found them to be pretty pricey. Craigslist and eBay both have been my favorite sources but I’ve rarely had luck searching strictly for “campaign dressers.” Use broad search terms and don’t forget to search by manufacturers. Dixie, Henredon, Bernhardt, and Drexel all made some gorgeous pieces from the ’70s-80s and can be found in their original condition for excellent pricing if you’re willing to indulge in a little DIY.  Often, the original brass hardware has seen better days but can easily be restored with a little dip in some Brasso and a fresh coat of paint. Keep in mind that some sellers on sites like Etsy will often custom paint the pieces for you, which definitely adds to the overall cost.
Here are some of my favorite finds – both vintage and new!