Get Clean + Organized in 2014

2014 has arrived! With the new year comes motivation to start fresh with a clean and organized new Chicago home. When looking at the house as a whole the idea of decluttering can feel overwhelming, but small steps and a few hours of effort yield dramatic results.
It all begins and ends with clean surfaces! Gather your products, scrubbers, and supplies into one area or closet so you’re ready to tackle the spaces once they’re cleared of unwanted clutter.

cleaning closet

Purging your home of unnecessary or outdated items keeps your home functioning well by storing only what is important to you. Take a few hours to sort through cabinets and closets to donate the things that no longer have meaning or purpose.

jan purge

Once the excess and unwanted items are purged, get busy organizing closets by keeping and hanging only the things used on a daily basis. Pack away items used in the off season in bins or boxes, squeezing every inch of storage out of space both high and low.

organized closet

Now may be the time to invest in furniture that multitasks so you can organize small items in trays in drawers and store larger items in cabinets below. When closed, the drawers and doors maintain a clutter free look.

multitasking furniture

Baskets and bins have proven time and again to be the easiest way to sort everyday items from socks to toys to mail. Invest in sturdy or colorful versions that make the sorting chore just a tad more enjoyable and consider a few extra minutes for handmade tags or labels as a reminder of what goes where.

bins with tags

Now is the time! Dedicating a day or weekend to the task of reorganizing and cleaning will leave your home feeling fresh again, and you’ll be ready to take on the new challenges and opportunities that 2014 brings. Cheers!