Front Door Colors for Fall

September is almost here and with it comes the fall season! Are you pleased with the look of your front entry? If you’re craving more curb appeal, there is a weekend project that yields dramatic results and that is adding color to your front door. Painting your front door takes the entry to the next level by increasing its curb appeal and a new color is a beautiful backdrop to a fall wreath or autumn porch display.
A red front door is a symbol of good luck and blends well with the colors of the season. Embellish with a festive wreath and layer the entry with mums, hay bales, buckets filled with gourds, and dried cornstalks.

red front door for fall bhg

Jade green paint creates rich contrast when paired with vivid yellow. Whether your botanicals are September sunflowers or spring daffodils, this bold choice will make your home stand out in the neighborhood.

jade green door bhg

Slate blue mimics the evening sky and is appealing year round. On the color wheel, orange is the direct complement to blue, so turn to autumn leaves, fall branches, berry wreaths, and pumpkins to decorate your fall porch when your door has been painted this hue.

slate blue door bhg

Green is a verdant color that echoes what we see when we step into the great outdoors. Choose a fun lime green, bright emerald, or more subdued olive to bring drama and color to your doorstep that’s decorated with your collection gathered from the pumpkin patch.

green painted front door bhg

Yellow is a happy “look at me” color that welcomes you and your guests every time you cross the threshold. Increase the intensity by pairing buckets of vivid yellow mums for a cheerful fall entry.

mums on porch bhg

You can never go wrong with a black door. Of course it correlates with the colors of Halloween, but it also reflects a classic aesthetic that lasts year round.

orange lanterns and pumpkins bhg

For tips on how to paint your front door look no further than this tutorial on how to paint a front door to get it done this weekend! What color have you considered for your front door?