Flying Spiders Weave Their Way into Chicago

Megan Spider PictureYou are touring for sale condos in some of Chicago’s most prominent high rise buildings, like The Legacy at Millennium Park or 600 N. Lake Shore Drive, when your real estate agent advises you to stay off the porch. Considering a top selling point for Chicago condo homes are the beautiful views, you can’t imagine why the agent wouldn’t want you to step outside to take in the jaw-dropping panoramic views.
Spiders! Not just any kind of spider; a flying spider better known as a bridge spider or gray cross spider. May is the time of year when these spiders start their annual migration. Even residents who call the John Hancock Center or Willis Tower home are not immune to this spider phenomenon.
What exactly is a flying spider and how do they fly? Technically they are not flying; however, the babies spin a specific style of web that looks like a balloon, and the wind off of the lake carries them long distances. Because they are attracted to lights coming through the windows, they “fly” up to floors as high as 95 stories. Unfortunately, what makes this particular spider scary is their size; they can grow as large as half-dollars as an adult!
Unless you want to live in the dark during this migration period, there is no avoiding this creepy crawly spider. So, if you call one of these high rises your home in Chicago, look out the window and feel happy that there is thick glass between you and the flying spider.