First Investment of 2014? Yourself

Fitness money savingWe’re only a few weeks into January and some people are already finding out how hard it is to stick with their new year’s resolutions. Thankfully, some resolutions, like saving money and living healthier, can be combined and make for even greater success meeting your goals this year. The
Equifax Finance Blog
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If you are looking for some direction to save money and live healthier, consider these tips from Equifax:

  • Join a new gym. While spending money on a gym membership may seem like an unnecessary expense, the costs at gyms aren’t set in stone and just like with grocery stores, they know that this time of year is the best time for recruiting people looking to make a health change. Even better, they are motivated to gain or keep your membership, so be sure to shop around and compare prices at area gyms.
  • Now is the perfect time to find support. With a weight-loss group, there is support and with groups like Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem there are plenty of others to work with for inspiration – and if you like, compete with. Many programs lower or waive certain new-member fees early in the year.
  • Wise up and pay attention to grocery sales. Especially in January, but also throughout the year, you can save big on healthy food by paying attention to promotions from grocers. This month, they know people are trying to get back in shape, so there are plenty of specials for healthier options. Take advantage of the long shelf life on items like snack bars, and things that can be frozen and stored to keep enjoying over the year.

There are lots of ways to save, so check out the Equifax Finance Blog to see more ways to save money, live better, create family budgets, have a safe Chicago
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