Filing Taxes at the Last Minute? Avoid Making These Mistakes

time to file taxesJust a few more days before taxes are due, and I can almost hear the clock ticking. . . can you? It is nice to have a few extra days this year, so make sure to slow down and avoid any last minute mistakes.
Tax expert Eva Rosenberg regularly writes columns and answers reader questions regarding taxes for the
Equifax Personal Finance Blog. She recently wrote an article for all of the procrastinators who haven’t started their taxes, but plan to get them done over this extra weekend. In her article, “
Last-Minute Tax-Filing Tips: 6 Mistakes Every Tax Filer Should Avoid,”  she shows frantic, procrastinating taxpayers how to make the most of the last hours before tax deadline.
Two of her tips are related, and they involve slowing down and proofreading your work. Take the extra time to make sure items are recorded on the correct lines, and double check social security numbers, birth dates and other information. As for your bank account number – the one where the IRS will deposit your refund – Rosenberg says to triple check that one. If the money is deposited in the wrong account, you may never be able to get it back!
Another mistake Rosenberg warns against is not stopping to ask questions. She even offers to answer your questions if you post at the Equifax Personal Finance Blog or her personal site
And the tip that is probably the least healthy for procrastinators like us? Rosenberg says it’s really easy to file an extension, which will give you another six months to work on your taxes. For her late-filing instructions and additional tips (or to ask your tax questions), take a break from all that tax preparation work and visit her now at the
Equifax Personal Finance Blog.