Ferris Bueller's Day Off House Lowers Price

The Ben Rose home has reduced its price tag. Not familiar with that house? Maybe you know it better as the Highland Park home in which Cameron Frye kicked his father’s Ferrari out of the floor-to-ceiling window and into the ravine in the movie, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”
Once priced at $2.3 million, the one-story home is now listed at $1.8 million. Located at 370 Beech Street, the contemporary estate has 5300 square feet of living space including four bedrooms and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout most of the house. The four bathrooms even have open skylights in the roof.
The pavilion is known as the Ben Rose Auto Museum and was used as an art showcase for vintage cars. There is also a separate two-car garage for regular cars.
Built in 1953, notable architect A. James Speyer designed the main home, and his first graduate student, David Haid, built the pavilion behind it. Both structures have won several architectural awards.
Ben and Frances Rose were the sole owners of the unique estate: Ben died in 2004 and Frances lived there until she passed away last year.
In the 1986 film, a rail was set up in the pavilion to roll the car out in the infamous scene. Four fiberglass versions of the Ferrari were created, but they didn’t smoke when they crashed so smoke bombs were used for effect.
The property is listed as being sold as is with no disclosures. It is likely in need of renovations. There is no Ferrari included, either.
Below is a quick tour of the home as it was once threatened by demolition.