Driving Around Wicker Park

zeronet_energyCruising around Wicker Park on Thursday, I felt that I needed to finally check out Alex Pearsall’s zero-net energy home.  This former multi-family, mixed-use building was featured on greenbeanchicago.com as a revolutionary concept home and was completed less than a year ago.  This 9,000 square foot home in its former life was the former hang-out of a neighborhood Chicago bar.  Today, it is one of the finest examples of green building in the city of Chicago, shaped as a  single family home.
Designed and built with Norsman Architects and owner Alex Pearsall of Sutherland Pearsall, this home is tucked into a neighorhood near the six corners of Damen, Milwaukee and North Avenues.  Should you stumble upon this incredible home, make sure you look twice and realize the scale of it as it sits on a rare pie-shaped lot in Chicago.  Click here to see the concept design of a mostly private and little known secret of a green-built rehab home in Chicago..