Does 'Green' Create Green and Sell Homes?

Green car racing, green travel, green eating: everything is getting a little greener nowadays.  Surprisingly, builders are still slow to adapt to the greening of the new American home.  Of those who do offer ‘green’ features in their homes, only 39% (according to a Professional Builder survey) of builders share with prospective buyers energy / sustainable benefits that their homes may have.   Marketing of green and the selling of green technology, sustainable resources and energy performance are, as it turns out, two entirely different things.
So does marketing green, installing high performance features and gizmos sell more homes?  As it turns out, not really and the data is probably skewed due to the state of the new housing market.  Cost is a significant issue in any market and today more so than ever.  The bottom line is that ‘green’, although nice to have and definitely a plus for down the road energy costs and resale value is in the future, not in the present.  Short-sighted home buyers? Yes, but that is a tradition in the American market place where instant gratification sells.  According the builders surveyed, the most buyers are willing only to put up an additional 2% on their home.   Those purchases are mostly directly tied to saving money on energy bills.  Read-the Energy Star program.  Most new home buyers today are not luxury-level buyers, they are first-timers looking for a deal.
This trend is certain to change for a number of reasons.  New building codes are raising the minimums in energy standards, insulation techniques and water saving measures.  ‘Green’ is becoming part of the building code.  The market will recover and when home building picks up again in earnest as economists predict for the coming housing shortage, demand will be met for the new ‘greenie’ consumers ready to take additional green steps.