DIY-ify: Maple Tree Seed Fall Wreath

It’s a new season, do you know what that means? It’s time for a new Fall wreath! That’s why I made this maple Tree Seed Fall Wreath! Most of these materials can be found in your backyard, or on a walk. Whenever the kid and I go for walks she picks up the leaves, pinecones, and other goodies from nature and they always end up in my purse. Instead of just keeping all of these finds in my bag, we like to make things with them. One of our favorite things to pick up are Maple tree seeds (or helicopter/whirlybird seeds). You snap these guys in half, toss them in the air, and they twirl down to the ground. They also make the perfect decor for craft projects, or a wreath.


  • a collection of maple tree seeds
  • 20+ small pinecones
  • 50+ acorns
  • 1 foam wreath
  • about 1/2 a yard of teal felt
  • hot glue
  • scissors

Go on a walk and gather your maple tree seed fall wreath supplies! You’ll need a LOT of seeds (the wreath needs a lot and it’s good to have extras if you break them). You’ll also need around 20 pinecones and about 50 acorns. All the quantities will depend on the size of your wreath.
Tip: if your pinecones/seeds/acorns are wet, let them dry completely before you making the wreath.

Wrap the teal felt around the foam wreath and use the hot glue to attach it.

Here’s the step the kiddo’s will like to help with. Snap all those seeds in half.

Now it’s time for the fun part! Let’s make the little maple seed/pinecone bursts. Glue a pinecone down and arrange the seeds (on their skinny sides) around the pinecone, creating a sort of starburst. Repeat this step all over your wreath.
Cost of materials for this project: around $8!

Do you make your own wreaths, or do you prefer to buy them pre made?
– Chelsey, The Paper Mama