Curb Appeal Helps To Sell Homes

Curb AppealAs you start to think about putting your home on the market, typically the list of To Dos just keeps on growing. You need to make sure the inside of the house is well lit, the paint looks fresh, and the rooms have been decluttered. However, there is one very important item missing from your list…landscaping.
It is well known that homeowners like to spend time out in their yards either entertaining, relaxing or just observing nature. As a homeowner looking to sell, giving your home curb appeal can make a lasting first impression on potential buyers and help you seal the deal. Just like the adage says, you never get a second chance to make that first impression.
About one month prior to putting up the For Sale sign, stand out on your curb and look around your yard. This will give you the perspective that potential buyers have when viewing your home. There are certain landscaping tasks that you can do that will not break the bank.

  • Trim tree limbs and shrubs. It is essential to pay attention to sidewalk areas and make sure that tree limbs do not hit passersby. If your bush is under a window, make sure that it is trimmed down so the windows are not blocked.
  • Refresh or place mulch around trees, shrubs, and in flowerbeds. This will give your yard a well-maintained look.  Mulch comes in a variety of colors and can help enhance the color of your plants.
  • Remove any dead plants, shrubs and trees.
  • If you need more shrubs, check out your local gardening center and purchase inexpensive ones. Planting three small, colorful shrubs together can enhance the look as well. Odd numbers of items give a more manicured look then planting one bush.
  •  Adding a touch of color along the front walk and front door area can increase the curb appeal of your home. If planting in the ground is not an option, purchasing flowers already in containers can add a nice look. If you are placing your Chicago home on the market during the fall months, orange mum plants are inexpensive and can add a rich, colorful look.
  • Continue to keep your yard mowed during the time the house is on the market. Watering, and pulling weeds and crabgrass will help keep your yard looking green and well maintained.
  • A nice touch, but not necessary, would be to label all your plants that way a potential buyer can research how to care for that particular plant.  You could also create a notebook with pictures of the plants and place it on the kitchen counter for the people to look through.

There are some other ideas that can help make your home more appealing and are easy fixes. Placing a new welcome mat and making sure your light fixtures are clean, working properly, and have a new bulb definitely adds some nice touches to your front door and/or porch area.
Remember, potential homebuyers can be driving through your Chicago neighborhood or suburb at any time and it is essential to keep up your landscaping to help draw those buyers in. If the outside of your home looks appealing, prospects will want to check out the rest of the home, too.