Create, Capture and Post Your Rental Units from Your iPhone Using Zumper Pro

Chicago real estate rentalsReal estate rentals are an on-the-go type of job. Much of the marketing and leasing happens in the field, not at the agent’s desk. And yet, technology tools have not fully caught on in the field. Most of the best tools to date have been ones that confine you to your desk.
Enter Zumper Pro. Zumper Pro is the first iPhone app to empower brokers, property managers and landlords to create and post their listings on the go, and sync them perfectly with their web accounts.
Once a new listing has come onto the market, a professional can go visit it, pull out their iPhone and get to work. The Zumper Pro app will geo-locate where you are and auto-fill the unit’s address;  the app then allows you to use the iPhone’s camera to take photography of the unit and to even rearrange the order of your photos on the go; it also allows you to create all the copy for the listing.
Once complete, the agent or landlord can post the listing live to Zumper’s consumer site immediately. Zumper’s CEO, Anthemos Georgiades, said that many of their clients have received inquiries on the units they’ve posted from their iPhones within minutes, before they’ve even gotten back to their office.
Once the agents are back at the office, the user can log into their web account, which will have all the details perfectly synced from their phone. They can then also auto-generate a beautiful flyer and post it to Craigslist or other sites to maximize their listing’s exposure.
Georgiades said, “We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to build this beautifully simple posting tool, and there’s a lot more to come. We’re particularly interested in helping agents and landlords manage their schedules and get their listings leased as quickly as possible, so watch this space.”
The Zumper Pro app can be downloaded for free by visiting the iTunes app store.
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