Community Profile – Norwood Park Chicago

Norwood Park is a great place to raise a family in the City of Chicago. Residents are protective of each other and close-knit. They are welcoming to new arrivals and the many young children in the neighborhood.There are several block parties in the summer and year-round community events to entertain residents. The neighborhood’s namesake, Norwood Park, is 14 acres of swimming, a fitness center, a running track, ball fields, tennis courts and a field house which supports several activities, sports and programs for the neighborhood’s children.
It can be found west of Jefferson Park, south of Edison Park and east of O’Hare Airport. The area is quite green and home lots tend to be on the larger side on nonconforming Chicago lots. Some of the smaller homes start at $80,000, but property values can also run as high as $500,000.
The one strike that Norwood Park has against it is its weak commercial district.  Having a metra stop anchor the neighborhood gives its residents great access to downtown and its proximity to the Kennedy Expressway makes this neighborhood extremely accessible.
Norwood Park Chicago is surrounded by the village of Niles, the Cook County Forest Preserve and Austin and Harlem Avenues. Old Norwood comprises the western half of the neighborhood and is bordered by the famous Devon Avenue, Canfield Avenue and Harlem Avenue.  The community area of Norwood Park is rather large and the City of Chicago map of the community area shows.