Community Pride Out in Forces This Week

Every Chicago area neighborhood should have a week like this:
October 16-23 has been designated Clean-Up Week in Plainfield.
Conservation Plainfield partnered up with the Village of Plainfield to create this first ever, village-wide, Clean-Up event.
Throughout the week, residents, businesses and community organizations are encouraged to get outside and grab some garbage.
“Cleaning up even a few pieces of trash or recyclables can make a big difference and may help prevent future littering,” said Plainfield Mayor Mike Collins.
While this is a free-form event, some groups, like the Girl and Boy Scouts, are setting up sites throughout the week at which you can volunteer.
The Plainfield Township Park District will provide garbage bags and set up trash pick-ups for volunteer groups or anyone who wants to help clean park district property.
Suggested clean-up sites include:
*Mather Woods

Clean-Up Week 2010

Bet these kids don't turn to littering after all the effort they put forth cleaning up their community!

*Eaton Preserve
*Van Horn Woods
*Four Seasons/Avery Preserve
*Norman Greenway
*Canterbury Woods
*Clearwater Springs
*Settlers Park
*Fort Beggs Bike Trail North and South
*Great Divide Bike Trail
*Normantown Bike Trail
*Your own street or anywhere you see trash!
Think of how lovely all our Chicago neighborhoods would look if every person made every week a clean-up week.
For more information on cleaning Plainfield, or to find out where you can volunteer, visit