Collegians: Pay Your Rent or Answer to WilliamPaid

When I was in college, I lived with three girls. Three of us paid our rent on time. Not the fourth. It became an uncomfortable monthly struggle with the fourth, which culminated in the end of the friendship between us three and that fourth.
Leave it to technology to find a fix for that.
WilliamPaid, an online rent payment and credit-building service, now offers Group Pay, a service that allows roommates to share, manage and pay their rent online, thereby eliminating typical rent collection issues.
“For many students heading back to school, this will be the first time they will be responsible for making a monthly rent payment. We’ve heard time and again about the headaches and drama that surround monthly rent payment for students,” says Evan Silverman, CEO of Northbrook-based WilliamPaid.
“Our Group Pay feature reduces that monthly stress by allowing each roommate to confidentially schedule their payment using one of several payment types, with alerts being sent to the other roommates. WilliamPaid takes those individual payments and sends one collective payment to the landlord.”
Roommates can pay their rent from their bank account or with a credit or debit card. Each roommate will receive an alert when another roommate has paid.
And now, when you sign up for WilliamPaid, you’ll get a free $25 gift certificate.
WilliamPaid is a great idea. It assures your portion of your rent will get paid, reassures parents that the rent check is going directly to the landlord, and doesn’t force you to hassle your roommate for money.
It just might save a few friendships.