Chicago's Future Set to Begin

A 2012 city budget has been reached, thanks to the Mayor, city alderman and Chicago residents.

Rahm Emanuel: A Mayor for the people.

After Mayor Rahm Emanuel submitted his first proposed budget, which included cuts to libraries and graffiti removal, he received concerns both voiced from Chicago residents and written by city alderman.
The Mayor listened and compromises were made. The City Council agreed to the amendments and the budget should be formally accepted on Monday.
“We have held to our principles, followed through on the tough choices and that’s a win for Chicagoans and their future,” said Mayor Emanuel.
In the end, Chicago’s Mayor gave up $10 million in changes. Not too bad, considering it’s a $6.3 billion budget.
Among the compromises to the 2012 budget:
City Vehicle Sticker
*The original budget called for an increase in sticker fees for SUVs and mini-vans. The new budget raises them for everybody. City vehicle stickers will increase from $75 to $85 for cars; larger vehicles will go from $120 to $135.
*If you get your sticker late or not at all, those fines are going up too: The fine for no sticker rises from $120 to $200 and the late fee will go from $40 to $60.
harold washington library

The Harold Washington and other Chicago libraries will be open six days a week when there's no school.

*Emanuel had proposed cutting $10 million from the city’s library fund, which would have led to reduced hours and 284 layoffs.
*The Mayor has agreed to restore $3.3 million to the library system, which will save more than 100 jobs and allow libraries to stay open for six full days during summer and holiday breaks.
Streets and Sanitation
*Mayor Emanuel is restoring $1 million toward graffiti removal, lot cleaning and weed cutting.
Want to see more of the changes to the 2012 budget? Click here.
“This process is about working together to reach a balanced budget plan that will provide the people of Chicago with quality services, while keeping those services affordable to taxpayers,” said Alderman Carrie Austin (34th). “These amendments will help accomplish that goal.”