Chicagoans Like Their Food and Drink

Even though it’s more economical to make coffee inside your Chicago real estate, it appears that more homeowners go out for their cups of Joe. has ranked America’s Most Caffeinated Cities, or the ones who spend the most at coffee shops.
According to the results, our average households spend 2.94 times the national average on our java, which makes Chicago the most caffeinated city in the country.
coffee cup that says chicagoThe website came up with its statistics by analyzing 16 coffee chains across the country and 20 million anonymous credit card receipts.
New York came in a close second at 2.9 times the national average. Seattle, Washington, which is where Starbucks is based, was No. 3 at 2.37 times. Last on the list was Anchorage, Alaska, where residents spend 68 percent less than the national average.
And, with what does coffee go well? Food! That’s convenient, since Chicago was also ranked as one of the top cities in the nation for eaters.
Travel and Leisure magazine released the America’s Best Cities for Foodies list with Chicago at No. 5. We took the No. 1 spot for pizza, no surprise, and ranked in the top 10 for burgers, big-name restaurants and ethnic cuisine.
The ones that beat us out:
No. 1: New Orleans
No. 2: San Francisco
No. 3: Providence, Rhode Island
No. 4: New York City
Apparently, Chicago residents are known for eating and drinking. Good thing we are also one of the most walkable cities in the country. Maybe that will help us stay low on the list of most obese cities as well.