Chicago: Stop Letting the Bedbugs Bite!

Here’s a list we should be happy we don’t top: The pest control company Terminix on Tuesday released a list of the 15 most bedbug-infested cities in the country.
New York is No. 1 on the list.
Chicago is No. 5.
According to Terminix, the 2010 most bedbug-infested cities are:
1. New York
2. Philadelphia
3. Detroit
4. Cincinnati
5. Chicago
6. Denver
7. Columbus, Ohio
8. Dayton, Ohio
9. Washington, D.C.
10. Los Angeles
11. Boston
12. Indianapolis
13. Louisville, Ky.
14. Cleveland
15. Minneapolis, Minn.
Bedbugs live in mattresses, furniture and even clothes, and they feast on people and animal blood.
Experts are seeing more bedbugs than they’ve seen since World War II, when they were all but eradicated. One of the reasons for the return is that more people are traveling internationally these days, and bedbugs tend to hitch rides from one location to the next.
High-traffic areas like hotels, airplanes and ships are especially susceptible to infestation.
Terminix offers these tips for traveling:
*Check headboards, mattresses and box springs for bedbugs and the dark spots they leave behind.
*Hang your clothes and don’t leave anything on the bed or furniture.
*Don’t store your clothes in the hotel’s drawers.
*Put your suitcases on the luggage rack away from the bed.
*After a trip anywhere, you should vacuum your suitcases and immediately wash all your clothes in hot water.
By the way, you don’t have to travel to bring a bedbug infestation into your home. You could bring them home from the office or even a store.
Terminix offers these tips for homeowners:
*Inspect furniture, antiques, used appliances or consignment items for signs of bedbugs before you bring them into your house.
*Drive past the furniture left at the neighbor’s curb. In other words, don’t take it home.
*Wash new clothes in hot water.
*Use zippered encasements on infested mattresses and box springs.
“It’s no surprise that highly trafficked cities such as New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles are on the list,” said Paul Curtis, entomologist for Terminix. “It’s the bedbug problems in cities like Dayton and Louisville that prove bedbugs are back and can pop up anywhere.”
Terminix says that bedbugs cannot be controlled by over-the-counter treatments. If you think you have them, call a professional.
Visit or call (800) TERMINIX for more information.