Chicago Homes are Awakening the Outsides

Chicago home decoratingCarl Jung wrote, “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Let’s take a page from the world renowned psychiatrist, and awaken our outsides. Chicago’s hottest home décor trend is bringing the indoors out. (Basically, patios are the new black.) After all this dreary, cold weather, who isn’t ready spring into, well, spring? Luckily, Horton’s Home Lighting has everything you need to give your outdoor living area a face-lift in time for the warm weather.
Illuminating its customers’ homes for more than100 years, Horton’s boasts Chicago’s largest in-stock selection of home lighting, as well as an impressive selection of furniture, home décor and seasonal items. With three locations in Lagrange, Chicago and Orland Park, as well as an online store, it can’t get any easier to get your frost-bitten hands on the goods to make your outdoors pop!
Gone are the days of patios being swallowed by larger than life tables and heavy chairs. The new style is conversational seating arrangements, similar to any indoor living room. And, what living room is complete without a warm fireplace? You can really bring the heat with Horton’s selection of fire pits, perfect for ambiance and campfire cooking.
Try adding one of Horton’s many area rugs if your porch is covered. They are available in every drool-inducing trend that’s out there, from a cobalt blue ikat to a lemon yellow lattice. All of which would bring any space to life. (i.e. If you see more than one rug you simply must have, get one for under your kitchen table too!)
Looking to pack a punch in a smaller space? Check out their selection of home accents. Horton’s leaning ladder shelf is a great place to house your mini herb garden. From antique-inspired whiskey jugs to eye-catching to coral glassware, you can find any number of knick-knacks to make sure both your shelf and your outlook are always half full. Remember, the minimalist “less is more” mentality has been thrown out the proverbial window when it comes to outdoor living areas.
If you’re not quite ready to wave an icy goodbye to the winter weather, Horton’s signature collection of interior lighting has you covered as well. There are table lamps, custom chandeliers, track lighting, floor lamps, bathroom lighting and so much more in styles ranging from contemporary to rustic. If you have questions, anyone of their knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.
Remember when I said that it couldn’t get any easier to start your outdoor upgrade? Well, it can! Horton’s is also having a “Spend More, Save More” sale through the end of March. What are you waiting for? Go make Carl Jung proud and release some outdoorphins in your Chicago home!