Chicago Neighborhood Donut Guide

Stan's Donut

Photo courtesy of Stan’s Donut

They say donuts and coffee are a cop’s best friend, but let’s face it: donuts and coffee are everyone’s best friend! Nothing is better than opening up the door to your favorite donut shop to discover a fresh batch of donuts has been made. Luckily, in Chicago, there is at least one donut shop in almost every neighborhood! If you have recently moved or you are looking for a new place to grab breakfast on the way to work, check out this Chicago neighborhood donut guide.
Lincoln Park: This neighborhood has five donut shops; however, for the best, you’ll want to visit Glazed & Infused. For a crowd favorite, you have to try the Maple Bacon Long John! That’s right, a chocolate-coated donut with a strip of thick-sliced, peppered bacon that has been glazed in syrup. With donuts made fresh daily, this is one donut shop you do not want to miss!
Wicker Park: Making its way from Los Angeles, Stan’s Donuts has been serving whimsical donuts since 1963! Try everything from a traditional glazed donut to a Captain Crunch Bismark or a Peanut Butter Pocket! Add a cup of coffee and you have the perfect sweet treat.
West Loop: If you live in the West Loop neighborhood, then you have to check out Beavers. Hot right off of the conveyor belt, try the mini-buttermilk donuts covered with s’mores toppings or the Funky Monkey, featuring bananas and Nutella. For something even more delectable, you must try the donut milkshake!
West Town: The West Town Bakery not only makes cakes, but some of the best donuts as well. Try any of their innovative flavors, including beer and pretzel ‘nut or the candied bacon/whiskey/maple donut holes.
Pilsen: Looking for a place to go for brunch? Nightwood may look like an upscale restaurant, but don’t let that scare you! There are some delicious donuts to be found here, including a bacon butterscotch donut filled with dark chocolate custard and covered in vanilla glaze and pistachio crumble.
River North: This neighborhood is full of donut-goodness! There are two outstanding shops you must try at River North! Doughnut Vault has irresistible giant, fluffy glazed rings that are so delicious they typically sell out! A good one to try at this location is the Chestnut Glazed donut. Another wonderful donut shop is Firecakes, with popular favorites including a peanut butter cup donut packed with peanut butter cream and drizzled with chocolate ganache and peanut brittle crumbles, as well as another favorite, the maple-glazed pineapple and bacon donut.
Starting to see a trend? Chicago really loves maple bacon and their donuts! Looking for a local donut shop in your neighborhood? Check out the full list here! What’s the best donut you have ever had in Chicago? Let us know in a COMMENT below!