Chicago Experiencing its Snowiest February Ever

So, Chicago residents, are you sick of snow yet?
Here’s a consolation to this rough month we are having: The snowfall this weekend set a new record for the short month of February.

car covered in snow with 2011 etched in it.

I'm surprised no one in Chicago has created a t-shirt saying, "I survived the Blizzard of 2011."

It has now snowed 29 inches this month, officially making this the snowiest February in Chicago history.
According to the National Weather Service, the previous record was 27.8 inches set in 1896.
And the month isn’t even over yet.
The record was really set overnight Friday, when Chicago reached 28.6 inches of snow.
According to the Chicago Weather Center, Chicago is also experiencing its sixth snowiest season ever.
The top 6 snowiest Chicago seasons, with 21 percent of the average seasonal snow yet to go this year:
1. 87.7 inches in 1978-79
2. 77.5 inches in 1977-78
3. 59.2 inches in 1966-67
4. 59.1 inches in 1917-18
5. 57.9 inches in 1951-52
6. 56.3 inches in 2010-11
February 27 through March 5 happens to be Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Illinois.
The week is set aside to urge residents to develop a safety plan in the event of severe weather.
“Planning ahead and knowing what to do might save your life,” say National Weather Service officials.
There will be a tornado warning test for all Illinois counties on Tuesday, March 1 at 10 a.m. Many radio and television stations will even participate and there could be additional testing around the state as well.
Check out for links and information on different weather situations, what to do in them and how to prepare for them.