Chicago-Area Residents Lend a Smile

Naperville photo shoot

So it was 500, not 145,000, that showed up for the holiday card photo shooting in a Chicago suburb today, but they still managed to get things done.

Yesterday, we told you how the city of Naperville was asking all of its residents to gather on Black Friday to take a community photo for its 2010 Holiday Card.

The residents were going to spell out the word, “Peace.”
And they did. Only 500 showed up — shame on you, Napervillians! — but it was enough to spell out the word Naperville’s Mayor feels describes his community.

“We’re telling the world that Naperville is a city that promotes peace on Earth, peace throughout our nation, and peace right here at home,” said Mayor A. George Pradel.

The Mayor has yet to decide which picture will appear on the 2010 Holiday Card. These pictures are two of the choices:

Naperville photo shoot