Checks on the Way to Some Metro Chicago Real Estate Owners

Thousands of Chicago-area homeowners will be excited to get their mail this week.
New Lenox officials have announced that property tax rebate checks were mailed to its homeowners yesterday, a week ahead of schedule.
Mailbox open with money insideVillage officials had promised residents a 33 percent annual rebate on their property taxes if they would approve a referendum in November 2008 declaring home-rule status for New Lenox, which they did.
The rebate was increased to 40 percent last year.
Home Rule takes power from the state level and hands it to the local level so communities can find local solutions to local issues.
With its home-rule power, New Lenox raised the village sales tax rate 1 percent in 2009 to 8 percent in order to raise revenue and offset reduced property taxes.
The new tax, which applies to everything but grocery, medical and titled purchases like cars, is expected to generate more than $6 million by next year.
And now, as promised, property tax rebates are in the mail.
Nearly 6,000 checks were issued to residents with an average amount of $112 each. The rebate equals 40 percent of the village’s portion of the 2009 property tax bill for a total of about $562,000.
New Lenox residents qualify for the rebate if they:
*Owned and occupied their house, townhouse or condo in Will County for all of 2009 and currently reside in the same house
*Paid all their 2009 Will County taxes in full
*Do not owe the Village any money, including utility bills and police tickets
*Did not rent out any portion of their property in 2009
To obtain a copy of your 2009 property tax bill, visit
For more information on the rebates, call (815) 462-6400.