Check Illinois Lost and Found for Property Owed You

Need some money? Want some property? There might be some waiting for you to claim.
The state of Illinois is holding more than $1.4 billion in cash and property that actually belongs to many of its residents.
In fact, there is a one-in-five chance that some of it is yours.
It can be anything from an overpaid bill to an entire estate that never reached its rightful owner.
To find those residents, the Illinois State Treasurer created Cash Dash and a list to go along with it.
If you find your name on the Cash Dash list, submit a claim.
Once your claim is verified, the Illinois State Treasurer department will send you your unclaimed property or cash.
You’ll find a list of owners reported in 2010 in the August 29th issue of the Sunday Chicago Sun-Times.
You can see the full database by visiting and clicking on the Cash Dash link.
It can’t hurt to look!

* * *

It didn’t hurt me. I just searched the Cash Dash list, and it seems I am owed something between $10 and $100. The address on the claim is over 20 years old. Cool!