Bring More Green Into Your Life

Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day, and green is the color of the Irish.
Green is my favorite color, and money is my favorite green.
Despite my love for it, I consistently find myself short on my favorite green.
piggy bank looking at a computerNow there’s a resource that can help.
Chicago-based BMO Harris Bank has launched a new website designed to help users learn ways to improve their financial situations.
The Helpful Steps website offers tips to save money, reduce and eliminate debt, prepare for unexpected costs and increase awareness of money management.
Here are some of the suggestions on the site:
*Pay yourself first: Add your savings account to your monthly list of bills, and make saving a priority.
*Save more through small changes: Identify where you’re spending money, and where you can make changes. For example, bringing a lunch from your metro Chicago real estate instead of eating out could save you thousands of dollars a year.
*Maximize your savings: Once you’ve started saving, set up appropriate accounts to manage your money, like an IRA for retirement savings and a money market account that will accumulate more interest.
*Write a budget: It’s the most effective way to get on track to financial success. Through this step, you can be sure that your spending doesn’t exceed your income. Don’t forget to include funds for savings!
*Know your credit score: This rating will determine your credit options, whether you are applying for a mortgage or a credit card, and the interest rate you will be paying. Check your credit reports regularly, and work to increase your score over time.
“While some people may prefer to catch a leprechaun and secure their pot of gold, financial security takes time, preparation and hard work,” said Mike Lewis, RegionalPresident, BMO Harris Bank.
“BMO Harris wants to help them meet their financial goals without the help of fairytale characters, which is why we launched this educational resource.”
Visit and start seeing more green.