Artic Blast Hits the Chicago Area

Our professional advice for you today: Do not leave your Chicago home. It’s just too cold outside.
Temperatures in the Chicago area were below zero on Friday, offering Chicago-area residents the coldest weather the area has seen in two years.
Chicago homes in the winterThere is also a wind chill advisory in effect for the rest of the day as forecasters predict chill readings of more than 20 below zero.
At that level, you can get frostbite in less than 30 minutes.
So, say for some reason you have to leave your warm, Chicago home today, or perhaps your home isn’t so warm, or maybe you want to save money on your home heating bills and let someone else foot the bill today; there are more than 120 warming centers throughout Illinois to help you.
Included in that list are the seven Illinois Tollway Oases. You can also take refuge in libraries, Park District buildings and other community sites.
On your way to a warming center, make sure you bundle up, covering as much skin as possible. Do the same for children, and make sure to keep pets inside as much as possible today.
To find a warming center in Chicago, dial 3-1-1. The main warming center in the city is Garfield Human Services Center, 10 S. Kedzie, (312) 746-5400, and it will be open around the clock.
To locate all of Illinois’ warming centers, call (877) 411-WARM or visit
Then, keep warm, Illinois!