Are Chores a War in Your Home?

What’s your least favorite chore? Do you pawn it off on your children? Does getting your family members to do chores in your home sometimes feel like war?
Skokie-based Jelmar, the maker of CLR cleaning products, recently conducted a national Chore Wars survey to identify the five most-hated chores for parents and kids. As it turns out, the No. 1 hated chore was the same.
Parents’ Most-Hated Chores
1. Cleaning the Bathroom
2. Washing Dishes
3. Doing Laundry
4. Cleaning the Kitchen
5. Tidying up the Bedroom
Kids’ Most-Hated Chores
1. Cleaning the Bathroom
2. Washing Dishes
3. Taking out the Garbage
4. Tidying up the Bedroom
5. Doing Laundry
So? Who cleans the bathroom in your Chicago real estate?
To help parents avoid Chore War battles, CLR enlisted parenting expert Dr. Michele Borba to provide families with practical strategies to strengthen communication and cooperation when tackling household chores.
“The earlier you expect your kids to take an active role in helping around the house, the easier you’ll find it is to get them to lend a hand,” said Borba. “Even kids as young as three can help out! Though it’s never too late for basic training, it’s easier to begin much earlier.”
Borba recommends trying a Five Minute Family Clean-Up. Assign each family member a room, hand out cleaning supplies, set a timer for five minutes and then dash to your designated area to clean up before the timer goes off. Making a game out of cleaning can help chores seem fun, and kids love to try to beat the clock and get things done.
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