A Reminder for all Homeowners

Did you remember to Spring forward? I didn’t.
I remembered Saturday morning. Then I spent Saturday night in front of the computer, and by the time I went to sleep around 1 a.m. Sunday, it had completely slipped my mind.
Change Battery on your Smoke AlarmNot too much harm done. I made it to the class I teach on time and the friend who got yelled at for calling at 7:15 in the morning accepted my apology.
I have to admit, in this very public forum, that I have a less-than-stellar memory, so this is a reminder for me as well as anyone else who lives in a home.
“Change your clocks, change your batteries.”
We hear it twice a year, but how many people actually do it?
In Illinois, the law states you must have a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector within 15 feet of all bedrooms and on every floor, including basements.
I don’t have to give you specifics on the damage a fire can do. Replacing the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors is not difficult or time consuming and could mean the difference between — say it with me — life or death.
Use only new batteries. Clean and test all alarms to be sure they’re working. Replace any detector over 10 years old. Potentially save lives. See? Simple.
Now available are 10-year lithium batteries, but you should still test your detectors regularly.
It’s the adult thing to do.
Most smoke alarms are around $10. Here is a list of some fire departments that offer them for free. Check with your local station if it’s not listed here.
Lake Bluff Fire Department: Not only can residents receive a free smoke detector, but a firefighter will install it for you, too.
Oak Lawn: Fire Chief George Sheets said the village received a donation of approximately 100 new detectors, which are being offered to residents for free.
Hanover Park: The Public Education Division of the Hanover Park Fire Department provides free smoke detectors to its residents, and you can earn a free pizza by changing your batteries.
Glenwood: The fire department will provide and install free smoke alarms to seniors citizens within the Village.
River Grove: Residents can take advantage of the River Grove’s smoke detector program, which includes free smoke alarm installation and battery replacement.