A Range Hood Can Keep the Kitchen Cleaner

Ask Helmut Goetz and he’ll tell you that a well-crafted and personalized range hood is an essential ingredient to the kitchen of any discriminating homeowner.

Pictured is a Rococo-Royale style hood by RangeCraft in blackened steel with antique copper accents. A new range hood can add charm and cleanliness to your kitchen.

“If your kitchen’s interior philosophy is in need of a design focal point—one that not only adds value to the design but also functionality—a range hood is a worthy investment. It instantly adds sophistication and elegance to your home’s most important room,” said Goetz, master coppersmith and owner of RangeCraft, the Fair Lawn, NJ-based manufacturer of custom metal range hoods.
Moreover, Goetz said, “a high-quality hood has lasting functional value. It can actually make it easier for you to keep your kitchen clean because its built-in fan pulls in moisture, grease, dust and dirt. As a result, you don’t have to paint your kitchen’s walls or ceiling as often. And the fan’s powerful airflow also helps eliminate strong odors from foods like garlic and onions that otherwise may linger. It’s much nicer to recall what you had for dinner the night before by finding the leftovers in the fridge, rather than smelling them when you come down the stairs in the morning.”
Additionally, if you’re in that over-40 crowd who struggles with their eyesight, a range hood can be equipped with proper lighting. An ultra-bright halogen bulb will illuminate your cooking surface and brighten the room. It’s a lot more fun to cook when you can judge the state of what you are cooking by sight, rather than a burning smell, says Goetz.
Not all range hoods are built and installed alike, noted Karla Krengel, Chief Executive Officer for Chicago-based Krengel & Associates, whose Wood-Mode and Brookhaven cabinetry dealers in the Midwest carry RangeCraft metal hoods.
“A lot of people make the mistake of only choosing a range hood for its looks, and not also for its performance. Many hoods on the market today are from overseas, and quite simply, they don’t do the job as promised,” said Goetz.
RangeCraft, to the contrary, custom designs its hoods, uses high caliber materials and parts—including top-notch fan motors that are whisper-quiet — and employs a state-of-the art computerized system in the manufacturing as well as seasoned metal artisans who lend their invaluable skills to the process.
But what particularly sets RangeCraft apart from the competition is its wide array of copper, brass and stainless steel hood styles—such as the Aspen, Marlow, Kotler, Convex, Boxhood, Broadway, Rococo and Viser.
Whatever range hood you ultimately choose, it’s crucial to have it appropriately installed by professionals, which you can count on when you opt for a Wood-Mode dealer that carries RangeCraft products, said Krengel.
“Range hoods are often fitted too high above the stove or aren’t adequately wide to cover the cooking surface. It should be wall- or ceiling-mounted approximately 30 inches above the stove and cover a three-inch area on either side of the cooking area,” Krengel said.
To locate a dealer in your area that carries RangeCraft kitchen hood products, phone Krengel & Associates at (312) 644-4466 or visit www.Krengel.com. For more information on RangeCraft, visit www.RangeCraft.com.