A Different Way to Get Into Chicago Real Estate

If you really want to buy that Chicago home but can’t get the financing in this tough market, there is another option to secure that house.
Negotiate a rent-to-own contract.
Think about it. A buyer rents a home through a contract that contains an option to buy that home within a few years. By that time, hopefully the credit market will be more accessible.
A LaGrange-based company called JSC Rent to Own Homes brings all the resources together to make this arrangement possible.
Dice that says buy on one side and rent on other.Through JSC Rent to Own Homes:
*Home sellers can list their homes for rent, for sale or for rent to own.
*Home buyers can list their home-wanted needs so sellers and lessors can find them.
*Anyone can browse available home listings.
The site is completely free and no registration is required. Many homes are being sold by owner, so you contact that person directly.
In addition, JSC Rent to Own Homes has partnered with Foreclosure.com and will now offer free access to thousands of foreclosed homes across the country.
Home prices and interest rates are still low and Chicago real estate continues to be a sound investment. JSC Rent to Own Homes could provide the opportunity to make that investment a reality.