5 Ways to Ready Your Home for Overnight Guests

The holidays are upon us and that means you may be extending invitations to friends or family to stay with you for a night or two. Preparing for guests needn’t be nerve-wracking if you prepare ahead. Simple touches go a long way to making your guests feel at home and guaranteeing a comfortable stay. Here are five ways to ready your home for overnight guests!
A welcoming entry shows you’re excited for their arrival, take the time to sweep the porch and layer it with a few seasonal touches to convey your seasonal greetings.

welcoming entry bhg

Clear out some closet space in the foyer or spare bedroom so that coats, scarves, and overnight bags can be stored out of the way but are also easily accessible.

closet space bhg

Clean linens and a comfortable place to sleep are a necessity – consider including two kinds of sleeping pillows, flat and fluffy, to suit your guest’s preference and don’t forget extra blankets in case of midnight chill!

linens in guest room bhg

Think like a hotel and provide fresh towels, washcloths, and toiletries within easy reach so that guests can wash up in comfort and then join in festivities or shared outings.

towels and toiletries

Stock up on beverages your guest may enjoy, from sparkling water to wine. An open display on a shelf in your kitchen or a separate a bar cart invites your guests to help themselves.

ready to go beverages

More suggestions to pamper your guests further: 1) fill a vase with fresh flowers in their bathroom or on a table to greet them; 2) fill a tray with drugstore travel size amenities just in case they’ve forgotten any of theirs.  3) Include a basket of goodies from chocolates to protein bars to candy for midday indulgences or late night snackers, and 4) provide an alarm clock, reading material, and a carafe of water on a tray for bedtime comfort.

What steps do you take to ready your home for overnight guests?