5 DIY Projects To End The Summer With

DIY Blog PostAs temperatures cool and the kids go back to school, you know that the end of summer has at last arrived. If you’re wondering what to do to mark the change of seasons, consider taking on one of these amazing DIY projects for the yard or home. They can help you celebrate the changing leaves without pining for the sand and surf of summer gone-by!
1. DIY window boxes for early fall plants
Winter may be gray, but fall is a multitude of vivid hues, and why not have as many of them as you can right outside your window? But the first thing you need to do is to build a window for them to call home. This is a terrific end of summer project, especially if you want a window box that will add darker notes of autumn your exterior. Here is a simple tutorial for creating your very own window box for your gorgeous fall foliage.
If you need some fall plant ideas consider choosing garden mums or from among these popular eighteen great late season bloomers.
2. Trimming trees and shrubbery before the summer ends
Late summer tree pruning has its fans and detractors, but for many trees and shrubs, the end of summer is a good time to getting unruly twigs and branches under control for the dormant seasons of the year. Plus taking care of this routine maintenance makes for a great DIY where every member of the family can help whether it’s with the actually trimming or just hauling away the debris and raking up leftover leaves. Just don’t wait too late in the season or your plants might be more susceptible later on.
3. Build your own custom fire pit
The end of summer is the perfect time for roasting hot dogs and making smores by a campfire, but it might be too late to hit the road for the campgrounds. Why not bring the fire to your own backyard instead? Creating your own fire pit is a great weekend-long DIY project that tests few people’s skills or abilities. By most standards, this is an easy, but hugely rewarding project, the results of which can be enjoyed through autumn and winter, all the way to next summer!
4. Outdoor lighting to extend the evenings
If you love summer, it’s probably in part because of the gorgeous, long summer evenings that seem to last forever, but are gone all too suddenly as autumn approaches. If you have even wanted to extend the hours for a bit, you might want to consider either installing DIY outdoor light poles or creating a DIY shade with lights for your deck. The light pole project is simpler, but if you have a deck, the lighted shade may well be worth the extra know-how needed. Both projects are the work of a weekend at most, but will provide illumination for you through the end of the summer season and beyond!
5. Pillow blanket for chilly autumn nights
For an indoor project, nothing says welcome to fall quite like creating your own super-blanket from pillows. This is an ingenious idea that doesn’t involve a lot of sewing, although patience, an eye for artistic detail, and good planning all help make this project a success. Lighter heft pillows can even make this project early fall-friendly, instead of requiring the chill of mid-winter to get full enjoyment from the pillow blanket. Beware, though – it just might eat the kids.
Even the most dedicated DIY-er might have trouble getting all of these projects underway before the leaves starting hitting the ground, but if any of them speak to you, then go for it and finish summer right!
Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in interior design and home decor. She currently writes for ECOS Paints, a leading vendor of superior, durable and eco-friendly paints.