3 Fun Trends in New Homes Today

Hello everyone! My name is Leighton Dees. Although a graphic designer/marketing junkie at heart, my real passion is connecting with the hearts and minds of my real estate clients. Day in and day out, identifying what matters most to them is what keeps me relevant as the CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Generations. With that being said, what I’ve found to be true these days is home buyers want more use out of less space. This is the challenge of today’s home builder. While the “wish list” can become infinite when building your perfect home, defining the difference between what you “want” vs “need” can help make things easier to keep those unique ideas under budget. To assist with this demand, here are 3 trends we are seeing more and more of as new construction makes its comeback!
Dog showers and other pet customizations
Let’s face it. Our pets are our family. And they basically have the same basic needs we do. Eat, sleep, …and shower! Lately it doesn’t even make the builder raise an eyebrow when you tell him you need this feature added to the plans. Next, built-in pet sleeping areas have increased as a benefit by not wasting space putting a huge pillow on the floor where “Spot” calls it a day. These are definitely not under the “needs” category of items, but they sure make use of potentially wasted space!

Connecting everything with Home Automation (aka: “Things I can control with my iPhone”)
This feature is gaining an amazing amount of demand since the ability to use your smartphone to control it became mainstream. The ability to see (with cameras) if the babysitter is really watching Little Johnny, or if the kids are home on time(receiving text/email alerts when the doors are opened) are just a couple of examples that have helped people see the need for it. You can even control the energy use of the HVAC from the airport if you forgot to turn the air down! It’s also helping lighten the load of caring for elderly family members that tend to wander off or even fall!

Built-in USB ports on electrical outlets
Having a USB port available allows receptacles to be used for what they were originally intended. With all of our tech gadgets needing to be recharged… this is a must. Especially since you will hardly see an increase in the cost vs a regular outlet.
Whatever your needs might be, just remember, the fun in building a home is making it uniquely yours. There are tons of home innovations coming out constantly, but the ones that fit you and your family’s needs are the best ones to start with!