Humboldt Park Offers Old Puerto Rican Charm

Picture courtesy of Steven Kevil

Picture courtesy of Steven Kevil

When looking for a place to live in Chicago and diversity is essential in your choice, then look no farther then Humboldt Park. Established in 1869, this up-and-coming neighborhood was home to multiple ethnic groups. Now, Humboldt Park is home to Chicago’s large Puerto Rican population. Culture is all around this neighborhood with beautiful painted murals that show the history of the community and the struggles the people endured. Humboldt Park has inspired many famous Chicago authors and artists, including the Marx Brothers and L. Frank Baum, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Spanish Colonial architecture will be the base for your new Chicago home and you will be part of this rich culture.
According to, the current median price of homes listed in Humboldt Park is $238,900, while the median price of homes sold is $248,077. If renting your Chicago home is an option, the median rent price is $1,400, which is lower than the Chicago median of $1,500.
Humboldt Park embraces its roots and heritage, which is evident when walking down Division Street where you will find specialty shopping and authentic Latin cuisine.
Shopping and Dining

  • Coco Restaurant: Located at 2723 W. Division Street, Coco Restaurant is the perfect place to dine if you are looking for authentic Puerto Rican cuisine. Start your meal off with their house sampler appetizer which features meat filled turnovers, coconut crusted shrimp, plantain fritters and round root fritters. Coco is decorated with old San Juan charm and the beauty of the Caribbean.
  • Café Colao: Located at 2638 W. Division St., this restaurant gives patrons a taste of Puerto Rican food that keep them coming back. Café Colao specializes in sandwiches with Puerto Rican spices and soft bread, and make sure to order authentic Puerto Rican coffee and pastries to finish your meal. As a testament to it’s wonderful food and service, Café Colao has received four stars on Yelp.
  • Roeser’s Bakery: Established in 1911 by decedents from Germany, this family-run bakery is the oldest in Chicago. The family prides themselves on hiring employees from the Humboldt Park neighborhood. Their cakes can take on many forms such as frogs, castles and even broccoli. Roeser’s Bakery is located at 3216 W. North Ave.

Entertainment and Recreation

  • The Institute of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture: Located at 3015 W. Division St., this museum represents Puerto Rican culture and arts with programs and exhibits that emphasize how Puerto Ricans have contributed to the arts. Many activities can be enjoyed throughout the year including films in the park, hands-on community arts workshops, visual art exhibits and an annual outdoor fine arts and crafts festival.

Historical Attractions

  • Humboldt Park: Located at 1400 N. Sacramento Ave., this park was originally established in 1869. The park has gone through renovations throughout the years by multiple landscape artists, and it now has many beautiful features, including ball fields, soccer fields and various lagoons that are connected by a prairie river. Placed by a formal garden is an important historical feature: the two buffalos that were used for the 1893 World Columbia Exposition.
  • Puerto Rican Flags: The flags were a gift from the city of Chicago in 1995. They are placed on Division Street between Western and California avenues. This specific area is called Paseo Boricua, which highlights Puerto Rican pride. Several times a year the area is used to celebrate Puerto Rican holidays such as the Three Kings Day, Puerto Rican People’s Parade and an annual block party called Fiesta Boricua, which has thousands of people in attendance every year.

If old Puerto Rican charm and style is what you prefer in a neighborhood, then Humboldt Park is the perfect place to look for your new Chicago home. To learn more about new homes in the Chicago area, click here.