2009 Profile of Illinois Home Buyers and Sellers

The Illinois Association of Realtor’s (IAR) released “2009 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers in Illinois,” a study by the National Association of Realtor’s (NAR).  This study, originally released in November 2009, is GREAT information for Realtor’s, Home Builders, Mortgage Brokers and any other Real Estate Professional that does business in Illinois. This study was released on the IAR website for those professionals that are members and have a login to the website. Since we are members, over the next several weeks we will discuss various parts of the study and share some of its valuable information.
Knowing that the buying and selling a home is a complex and difficult process at times, being a professional tasked to help consumers make this process as easy as possible requires critical information about the market and each prospect.  This report is based on a survey, conducted by NAR, designed to “gather detailed information about the home buying and selling process.  These surveys provide information on demographics, housing characteristics and the experience of consumers in the housing market.” People who have recently bought or sold, or are in the market to buy or sell, share information on the role of real estate professionals play in home sales transactions.
Due to the nature of the report, the information contained, and where/how the information is gathered, the report provides real estate professionals a look into the expectations of their clients, consumers and the market. Answers to questions like “What do consumers want when choosing a real estate professional, how do home buyers begin the process of searching for a home, why do sellers choose an agent or forgo the assistance of an agent” are found within the pages of the report and help the real estate professionals understand the needs of the market and equip them with the ability to address the needs of the American real estate consumers.
For more information about this study or a full copy, please contact us directly.