Foodie Friday: Where to Find the Best Cup of Joe in Chicago

Coffee Shop
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Just as Chicago is known for some of the country’s best pizza, the Windy City also takes pride in its independent coffee shops. For those of you who live in new homes in and around Chicago, a corner coffee shop is the perfect place to grab a cup of joe before work or a quaint gathering spot to meet with friends. Whatever the reason for stopping in, coffee shops have become a normal routine for many city dwellers. For Chicago residents and visitors alike, here is your coffee guide to some of the best independent coffee shops the city has to offer.

Humboldt Park: According to Curbed Chicago, Humboldt Park takes the number 10 spot as “the hottest neighborhood in the nation!” With a median home sale price of $189,450, many residents of surrounding Chicago neighborhoods come to Humboldt Park to purchase affordable homes that offer more space. This eclectic community features a mix historic homes and different unique businesses including this neighborhood’s favorite coffee shop, Star Lounge Coffee. This coffee shop makes the smoothest iced coffee in town along with many other drinks with amazing flavors. Must-try drinks include the Vanelly Furtado vanilla latte and any barrel-aged coffee.

Wicker Park: Ranked number four on Forbes’ “America’s Best Hipster Neighborhoods,” Wicker Park has attracted artists and young adults since the late 1980s. This artist community is known for its popular galleries, music venues, boutiques and food options. There are also Victorian mansions built by wealthy 19th century merchants and beer brewers that add to this neighborhood’s charm and beauty.

One local attraction you must try in this hipster mecca is Caffe Streets. With the mission, “Be different. See where it takes you,” Caffe Streets has an abundance of unique coffee drinks to try. From cappuccinos to cold brew coffee such as a Premium (slow drip cold brew tower), the coffee shop has something for everyone. To complete the experience, pair a beverage of your choice with a fresh sweet pastry or a chocolate bar. Now, residents can even grab a cup on the go at the 80-square-foot Damen Blue Line stop location.

Another favorite coffee shop in this popular neighborhood is The Wormhole Coffee. Many come for the unique atmosphere and pop culture décor that includes a nod to the beloved classic, Back to the Future, with an actual DeLorean inside the shop! With many outlets available for laptops, residents enjoy coming to study, work or to simply search the Web. There are also a variety of coffee drinks to chose from, each unique just like their names. The Peanut Butter Koopa-Troopa is a delicious peanut mousse latte with local chocolate. Need I say more? Other favorites include the Chai Ciders, Ices Cosby Classic and Mocha Puffs—a bowl of Cocoa Puff cereal with a shot of espresso!

River West: Located in the River West neighborhood in Chicago, Sip Coffee House has served coffee in an old Italian barber shop since 1999. If that’s not enough for you to stop by, maybe the delicious beverages will entice you. If you are looking for a pick-me-up, the Panic Attack is a signature drink with four shots of espresso and warm milk. Also on the signature list are the Caramel Mocha, Vanilla Mocha and a Mint Meltaway Mocha. Once you’ve made your selection, you can relax at one of the two outdoor courtyards this trendy coffee shop has to offer.
What is your favorite coffee shop in Chicago and what is your go-to drink? Let us know in a COMMENT below!