Decorating with Gray Doesn’t Have to be Bleak

Gray DecorPastel paints are in this season, especially light green and yellow shades. If going lighter is part of your 2013 redecorating plan, you might want to consider gray, too. The color doesn’t have to be dismal and depressing—many people are calling gray the new beige, since it is a great monochromatic shade that will balance out other elements of a room.
Here are some tips on how to make gray work in your home.

  • Try a soothing charcoal gray. This color is surprisingly versatile. You can use it in a ‘man cave,’ an office or a gender-neutral nursery, and accessorize with brighter colors as you see fit. Gray goes really well with orange, so don’t be afraid to experiment with vibrant tangerines and other sunny shades.
  • Gray rooms need lots of light. If you go with a darker shade of gray, you will need to make sure the gray room has lots of windows or additional light sources otherwise it will feel too closed in.
  • Decorate with aged wood. If changing the color of your walls isn’t up your alley, then consider accessorizing with aged wood furniture. Vintage trunks or upcycled end tables make for great shabby chic additions.
  • Add some gray velvet. If you’re into the Parisian look, then sleek gray couches can add some flair to any room.

Gray and melancholy are not one and the same. Whether it’s mixing and matching gray and bright colors or letting the shade stand out on its own, gray can enhance any home.