Score with Game Decor for Your Chicago Home

Football FieldYou’ve bought the best snacks and have your favorite jersey ready, but how will you decorate your home in preparation for the big game? Here are some tips on how to impress your guests.

  • DIY tags for game day drinks. Use your computer to create print outs or buy football decals at a craft store that you can tie to a beer bottle or can. While the idea may seem silly at first, if you’re hosting a large party, labels make it much easier to keep track of drinks. Tags don’t have to be shaped like footballs— you can create tags with team logos and assign guests a number that matches their favorite player.
  • Use football field tablecloths or runners. Decorative runners are more festive and appropriate for game day than a standard plain tablecloth. Also, consider purchasing napkins in team colors rather than using plain paper ones.
  • Avoid red plastic cups and plastic bowls. While game day apparel tends to be casual, you can still make your tableware a little more impressive. Store beer bottles and silverware in metal buckets and keep condiments in antique-style silver bowls instead of leaving them in the jar.

So, even if your favorite team doesn’t win, at least you’ll have the best Chicago home decor in town.