10 Housing Energy Saving Ideas For Chicago Home Owners

energysavinglightbulbEveryone is pinching pennies nowadays and the home is the largest expense a family has.  Mortgage, heating, electric, insurance and maintenance costs represent up to half of some American’s cost of living expenses and any way to help reduce these costs over the long-term perks the interest of many owners of Chicago real estate.
This winter represents another opportunity to save money and make your existing home more energy efficient.   According to Tom Kraeutler, host of the nationally-syndicated home improvement radio show, The Money Pit, there are 10 easy things a home owner can do to be an energy saver.  Many of these are common sense things you may already to but here is the chance to re-check your home and reconsider the discipline it takes to follow through with money-saving habits.  Here are 10 energy efficiency tips for you to consider:
Tip #1 – Lock your windows. Don’t just close them, but lock them to create an airtight seal that keeps out air leaks and drafts.
Tip #2 – Plug power-draining computers and electronic equipment into a power strip with a switch, so they can all be easily turned off when not in use.
Tip #3 – Turn off lights when leaving a room.
Tip #4 – Get free solar heat by opening the blinds and shades on your windows during the day.
Tip #5 – Chill out and do your laundry in cold water.
Tip #6 – Add a sweater and lower the thermostat. For every degree you lower your thermostat, you may be able to save 5 percent on heating costs.
Tip #7 – Run only full loads in your dishwasher.
Tip #8 – Remove lint often from your clothes dryer and its outside vent. And, run your dryer in the evening, when the extra heat helps warm your house.
Tip #9 – Close the doors (and the heating vents) in rooms with minimal use, like walk-in closets, laundry rooms and guest bedrooms, to reduce heat use in those areas.
Tip #10 – Snuggle up under more blankets at night and turn your heat down lower to reduce energy costs.
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