Easy Halloween Decor on a Budget

halloween crafts for cook county real estateHalloween is just a week away, and if you’re looking for some cheap and quick ways to add some spookiness to your Cook County real estate, here are a few crafty tips.

  • Old materials from your garage or around the house such as heavy duty cardboard, scrap wood or even thick Styrofoam leftover from a school project can make great gravestones. Use gray or black paint to decorate the materials and old, worn-out clothes can be stuffed and used to make creepy arms and legs.
  • You can use old milk jugs to make ghost luminaries. Use black paint or construction paper to make scary ghost faces. Cut a small hole at the bottom of the milk containers to make room for artificial candles.
  • Empty vases or empty glass jars and bottles can be filled with plenty of spooky items and turned into ‘specimen’ jars. Fill them with plastic spiders, skulls or even some fake plastic fingers. Or, fill them with something edible like Halloween themed gummy candies.
  • Wreaths are a great Halloween craft to create on a budget, and you can be innovative with the materials you use. There are Halloween wreath tutorials on websites such as Pinterest with directions on how to design wreaths made out of everything from gauze to cupcake wrappers.

Will you be saving money by using DIY Halloween decorations this year?