Six Tips for Staying Organized in 2015

Organizing your home
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In 2014, getting organized was ranked No. 2 for New Year’s resolutions. However, according to, only eight percent of people were successful at achieving their resolutions. If getting organized made your New Year’s resolution list, then Chicago Real Estate Forum is here to help! January is National Get Organized month, so there is no better time to begin your organization journey then now!

When thinking about organizing, you might be wondering, “Where do I start?” From organizing your pictures, your medicine cabinet or even the financial drawer at your desk, organizing can seem like a daunting task. According to, these easy steps are sure to help you achieve your organizational goals.

  1. 15 minutes a day keeps the clutter away. By organizing a little bit every day, you won’t have to spend hours organizing in a single day. Spend this time organizing anything from sorting through your mail to looking for expiration dates in the refrigerator. Spending 15 minutes a day will help you become more organized over time.
  2. Make your finances easier. Downloading a money management program is a great way to help you organize your personal finances. Quicken, for example, is a great program to start with. This $50 investment will pay bills, download transactions from banks and credit cards accounts, help you plan and budget. For those searching for a simpler, free alternative, use Mint to track your spending. The app or online site allows you to categorize transactions and set budgets and goals. Plus, it provides you with colorful charts that provide a good visual of where your money is going and where you can save.
  3. Organizing papers. We all have that junk drawer that is filled with random papers. Now, you can organize them to help keep everything in order and make things easier to find. Search places such as Target or The Container Store for cute, trendy or simple organizing containers. Once you’ve found a few that works for you, label them “to do,” “to read” and “to file.” Whether you use stackable filing shelves or upright files, take the 15 minutes a day challenge to organize your papers at least twice a week.
  4. Fun family center. If you have a family, having a schedule is important. Between the soccer games, the school’s bake sale and dentist appointments, there is a lot to remember. Keep a bulletin board or a white board in a central area that your family will see every day, like the kitchen or mud room. This way, everyone can add times and dates for different events or appointments. You can even color-code and have each family member add their to-dos in a different color.
  5. Going through your closet. Organizing a closet is something most people dred. However, organizing your closet is very important and can free up lots of additional storage space. You do not want to keep old clothes that either doen’t fit or ones you know you will never wear again. Be honest and go through your closet and toss out anything torn, stained or ripped. For the nicer items, give to charity or plan a clothing swap with your friends! To make your new closet even more organized, update your old hangers with ultra thin ones.
  6. Go through expiration dates. Take some time and go through your medicine cabinet, refrigerator and pantry and throw away anything with an expiration date. For prescription drugs, make sure you take them to a drop off location for proper disposal.

By staying organized and preparing yourself, you will feel more at peace in your home. By utilizing these tips, you can complete your organization goals for 2015! How do you stay organized? Leave us COMMENT with your tips below!