Make the Most out of Your Retirement

Real estate for active adultsIf you’ve spent your entire life looking forward to retirement; the day that it finally comes will be the day you thought would never come. We spend our whole lives working toward retirement. But when it comes, sometimes it can be difficult. Going from working every day to not can be an adjustment, as can finding the right Chicago active adult real estate for your changing lifestyle. But just because you aren’t working at a place of employment doesn’t mean you should stop working all together. Retirement can be used to work toward goals that you wish to accomplish – planting a garden, taking a trip, learning a language, spending more time with family, adopting a pet, redecorating a room, volunteering, etc.

The retirement experts at the Equifax Finance blog have developed a four-step plan for helping you reach your retirement goals in the article “
4 Steps to Planning Your Transition to Retirement.” Step one is to assess where you spend your time and money now (pre-retirement). List how your time and money is spent to see where your priorities are. Second, come up with a list of goals you’d like to achieve during your retirement. Spend some time on this step; list the things you never could do but always wanted to do. Third, come up with a plan, budget and timeline for reaching your goals. Last, re-evaluate your goals and plan from time to time. Things change, so your priorities may as well.
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