Missing a Refund? Hunt it Down

Find your tax return and protect your credit ratingIf you turned your taxes in on time and have yet to receive your refund, now is the time to get proactive. There are a few places you can go to find out where your refund is, and the Equifax Finance Blog has a more detailed guide to how you can unravel the mystery of your refund in the new article, “
Why Was My Tax Refund Incorrect?

The first reason your refund could be missing is because you owe money to federal or state taxes. Following that, there is unemployment compensation to be repaid, student loan debt and then general liens. If none of those are applicable to you, you may need to dig a little deeper to find the cause of your missing or reduced refund amount.
Your first step in figuring this out is to visit the IRS and state websites for their guidance on checking out refunds. If those aren’t helpful, you can use an IRS Form 4506-T to get a free transcript of your tax return from the IRS. Be sure to check every box in question 6. Then check with your state to see if it has a similar request form.
If you find out that your debts are legitimate, the chances that you will get anything back is highly unlikely but you can take relief in the fact that your refund will reduce the debt you owe. If you want to control when you pay those debts, you can consider cutting out your reliance on refunds entirely next year.
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