9 Easy Ways to Stage Your Home on a Budget

Easy steps to stage your home yourself
Easy steps to stage your home yourself

It’s finally time! Despite the recent chilly weather, the spring market is in full swing in Chicago. If you’re preparing to put your home on the market, there are a few steps you need to take to help your home sell. You have probably gone to multiple open-houses in your Chicago neighborhood to see what others are doing to make their home look perfect, and your real estate agent may be suggesting that you hire a professional home stager to help make your home more marketable to buyers.  However, if you are on a budget and don’t want to accrue any unnecessary expenses, there are a few easy and inexpensive DIY steps you can take that will have an immense impact on staging your home to sell.
1. Convert to an all-white bathroom:
Having white in the bathroom makes it look new and fresh. If replacing the countertops or cabinets isn’t in your budget, purchase some fresh white towels, a white soap dish and possibly a white shower curtain. You can even add a white bath mat unless the floor in the bathroom is a selling point. These little touches of white can give your bathroom a clean, crisp look.
2. Strip windows:
The amount of natural light in a room is actually a big selling point. If you have curtains or blinds, take them down or pull them all the way up. While window treatments give a room that finishing touch, they reduce the light in your home and cause it to look dark and outdated. Also, take the time to wash your windows, inside and out, so they can let more light in.
3. Flip all switches:
Well-placed lighting is especially important in rooms without much natural light. Before your open house or a showing, turn on all the lights in the house, including overhead lights and every lamp. You can purchase inexpensive floor lamps and place them in dark corners to help make a room even brighter. With more lights turned on, potential buyers will feel more confident that you don’t have anything hide throughout your home.
 4. Replace art on the walls with mirrors:
Everyone’s taste in art differs, so while you may love what you have hanging on your walls, it might not appeal to potential buyers. Remove any personal photos or artwork and replace them with a mirror or two. There are many advantages to having a mirror in a room including increasing the light and making the room feel larger.
5. Update kitchen fixtures: 
Being on a budget when selling your home means you need to prioritize what you repair and update. If your kitchen needs updating, you don’t have to replace the countertops or paint to give it a fresh look. There is a much less expensive solution! Replacing an old light fixture with a more modern one can change the whole look of your kitchen. Head to your local Home Depot where you will find a large variety to choose from. Replace the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls with a more modern style, such as polished brass or brushed nickel. If you’re not sure, ask your broker which style is popular right now.
6. Roll up the rugs:
These days, most buyers are looking for hardwood floors in their new home. If your home has hardwood, it can be a big selling point. Make sure to remove any rugs that look worn or even slightly stained to show off those gleaming floors. If you have an area rug in your kitchen, removing it will make the room feel clean and spacious.
7. Change out the lampshades:
In order to make any room in your home look more modern, clean and bright, replace old lampshades with white drum shades. These can be found for a good price at any Target or IKEA.
8. Add metallic accents:
If you want to make a room look more contemporary, try adding a metallic accessory such as a copper tray or silver leather throw pillow.
9. Set the table:
Liven up your table by adding a simple table setting to your kitchen or dining room. Be careful not to go overboard, as a too elaborate table setting creates an overly-staged look. You can find modern white plates, stainless steel silverware and clear wine glasses for a reasonable price at Bed Bath & Beyond. Pick out a neutrally colored tablecloth or place mats to complete the look. You can also pick out some vibrant cloth napkins to add a splash of color.
You don’t need to hire a professional home stager to get the look that you want and attract homebuyers. Follow these tips to stay within your budget and get a great offer on your Chicago home!
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