Gerstad Builders Excels with Off-Site and Specialty Custom Homes

Two Story White Home with Large Driveway built by Gerstad Builders
Beautiful Off-Site Custom Home Built by Gerstad Builders

At Gerstad Builders, the company aims to make each and every customer happy with a quality-built home. Traditionally, the company builds many of its homes in its own communities. However, sometimes people already have another location in mind, but want the top-notch home that only Gerstad Builders can build. When called upon for these specialty products, Gerstad Builders delivers in a big way.
For example, Gerstad Builders had a recent customer who needed help building a multigenerational home for her family and aging parents that would allow for both generations to have their own privacy but also be able to care for one another. To meet this family’s unique needs, Gerstad Builders modified its Madison two-story home plan and built a master suite on the main floor that was handicap accessible for the older generation, and a master suite with an additional family room on the second floor. By making these much-needed changes and additions, Gerstad Builders gave both the family and the grandparents extra room and allowed them to be easily and safely accessible to each other.
In another instance, Gerstad Builders had a family that already had a home in another location but needed some updates. They had a home on the river and loved the location, but wanted to build their true dream home. So, they contacted Gerstad Builders and were able to build a beautiful custom home after removing the old one. The new home was beautiful, energy-efficient and the family now has their dream home in their dream location because of Gerstad Builders.
In other cases, customers needed help in many different areas with off-site and specialty homes and called Gerstad Builders to help them. Some needed extra room and bigger garages, some needed a new home to be completely handicap accessible and comfortable for the whole family, and others wanted a completely new Gerstad Builders’ home in an off-site location.
In addition to building their dream homes Gerstad Builders helps customers navigate the home building process every step of the way, as was the case when a couple had tried with great frustration to acquire permits to tear down an older home. Gerstad Builders helped them through their permit issues and built a beautiful new home on a wooded lot complete with both an attached and large detached garage.
In every situation, Gerstad Builders was able to deliver and excel to make each customer happy with their quality custom home.
Whether you want a new home in one of Gerstad Builders’ popular new home communities or an off-site specialty home, Gerstad Builders is the builder for you. For more information on how the company can help make your dreams of home ownership a reality, visit
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