Smart Phones, Smart TV's and Finally, Smart Houses

Brown desk in home office of Gerstad Builders house.
Your home office is even more effective in a Gerstad Builders home with built in Wi-Fi.

A trailblazer in the home building industry, Chicagoland home builder Gerstad Builders is now including Wi-Fi in all new homes. The ceiling-mounted Wi-Fi Hub is located in the highest ceiling of the home, providing an optimum wireless signal for anyone within the home’s radius!
Oftentimes, the wireless router from the internet provider does not have the capacity to run multiple units at the same time without slowing down the whole system. In this day and age, nearly everything has the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, and Gerstad Builders’ Wi-Fi Hub is eliminating connectivity and speed issues by being centrally located within the home.
With so many devices that require these high-speed Wi-Fi connections, it is becoming increasingly important that home owners be able to use all of their gadgets in their homes with ease. With Gerstad’s new Wi-Fi connection, home owners can now connect their smart phones, wireless printers, laptops and smart TV’s as well as wireless doorknobs, thermostats, security systems, light switches and more!
New home owners select their own internet service provider for use with the Wi-Fi Hub. The Gerstad Wi-Fi package includes the transmitter (located on the ceiling), a data line and coaxial cable wired to the primary TV location (selected by the purchaser), a data and phone line wired to any location in the home and a connection box located in the basement for all low-voltage and internet equipment connections. For residents that utilize gaming and streaming consoles, Gerstad offers an upgraded Hub to offer the most success in future internet connectivity.
Gerstad Builders builds gorgeous communities throughout Illinois and Wisconsin and takes pride in creating custom, high-quality homes that include new advances and technologies, such as the Wi-Fi Hub. For more information about Gerstad Builders’ communities and how you can own a new custom home with Wi-Fi, visit or call 815-385-4495.