Learn "How To" Get Your SEO on Track with FREE Marketing Relevance Webinar

webinar-design04_300x250On Tuesday, Oct 20 join mRELEVANCE, LLC as they host “How to Get Your SEO on Track” which is the last webinar of a four-part “How To” series of Relevant Marketing Webinars. Presented by mRELEVANCE’s expert team of search engine optimization specialist, participants will be guided through the necessary basics of this highly effective and vital marketing method.
If you are having difficulty understanding the basics of Pigeon, Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird, know that you are not the only one. With the techniques of search engine optimization always changing, this Webinar you will learn about the latest and most frequently used practices. The mRELEVANCE team is just returning from Pubcon 2015 where they learned the latest tips and techniques from some of the leading SEO experts and will be sharing these methods with you.
What is Pubcon? Pubcon, short for “Publishers Conference,” is the leading optimization and social media conference held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. Named by Inc. as the most important convention for increasing your business and by Forbes as a must-attend conference. The conference features some the industry’s prominent start-ups, speakers, businesses, exhibitors, keynotes and sponsors involved in the digital marketing, search engine, social media and online advertising fields. Each year mRELEVANCE attends this conference in order to stay on top of the latest trends and SEO developments. During the webinar, our experts will present this information to you in a concise and informative manner.
“Our RELEVANT Marketing Webinars have been popular thus far this year, and professionals have found them highly informative. We predict this fourth and final webinar to bring in the most value yet. Designed to help businesses succeed, this webinar will offer insight into what’s new and what next for SEO” states mRELEVANCE Managing Partner Mitch Levinson.
Our RELEVANT Marketing Webinars are FREE and open to all marketing professionals and business owners who are looking to advance their knowledge regarding best SEO practices. Visit www.MarketingRELEVANCE.com/Webinars to register for “How To Get Your SEO on Track.” Get updates from the Marketing RELEVANCE experts via our Facebook page and Twitter @mRELEVANCE.

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