Webpass Invests in South Loop

picThe South Loop has attracted a lot of interest from major residential developers like condo king CMK Development and JDL Development. Webpass, a high-speed Internet provider in Chicago, announced today that they’ll be joining the highly-desired neighborhood as they purchased 7,300 square feet of commercial space at 2130 South Michigan. Other commercial tenants in the neighborhood include Chicagoland Games, South Loop Market and Jamaica Jerk Villa. Webpass plans to spend a few months renovating the newly purchased space and anticipates opening their doors in July.

Webpass, currently offers speeds of 100, 200 or 500 Mbps depending on the building you live in and is a great alternative to the bigger Internet providers. The company recently hit 20,000 customers and delivers their simple urban Internet to residential buildings and commercial businesses in San Francisco, Oakland, Miami, San Diego, and Chicago. The company distinguishes itself from competitors through its fast speeds and excellent customer support.
The difference between a small ISP like Webpass and a larger cable company is that Webpass owns and operates its own Ethernet network, eliminating dependence on phone and cable companies, and offering Internet at previously unimaginable speeds. Moreover, because Webpass is not a cable TV provider, it doesn’t pass on the costs of licensing TV shows and sporting events to their broadband customers.
With no modem required, customers plug their Ethernet cord into a data jack for connectivity. A wireless connection is available by purchasing a router, but best speeds are with a wired connection. Webpass offers same day installations usually lasting around 20 minutes. Regardless of speeds customers pay $55 per month and if the building owner or HOA opt for Built-In service the cost is reduced to $30 per month.
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