Fifty Shades That Go With Gray

Gray Walls If you are thinking about selling your Chicago home this spring, there are many ways to attract a potential buyer. One of the biggest changes you can make to add value to your home is simple: paint your walls a neutral color. Chicago Realtors will say to get rid of as many personal items as possible when trying to sell your home, and the same goes for your walls. You might love your bold red dining room or soft green bedroom, but some buyers will have a hard time picturing living in your home if they can’t get past the color. Neutral colors, such as gray, are perfect for painting your walls. However, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your personality behind.
Replacing beige, gray has become the go-to color when it comes to painting in a neutral. Painting rooms in your home various shades of gray offers the perfect backdrop to set off any color. There are a variety of shades of gray with both warm and cool undertones that can be paired with a variety of additional colors that can add personality to any room. Here are a few ways to add color in a room with elegant gray walls:
When your walls are a neutral color, you have the opportunity to make color pop in some big and unexpected ways. Try a bold color, like fuchsia, for a headboard in the bedroom with additional coordinating accent colors on the throw pillows. If you are bold enough, why not get a couch in green or in a vibrant pattern? When making a statement in your room, the trick is to create a focal point with one color. Then, decorate with accessories featuring accent colors.
Another great option to adding color with gray is using a blush pink. This color combination is feminine and will add a vintage touch when paired with gold accents and floral patterns. For a modern approach, yellow is a striking color against gray. Try a white comforter in the bedroom with yellow throw pillows and navy curtains for a stunning modern bedroom. Gray is also the perfect color for the kitchen. For a coastal palette, white cabinets against gray walls create a classic look. Add a gray backsplash and a light blue island and you feel like you are at a beach cottage in no time.
For more inspiration on how you can add different shades with gray, try searching different Pinterest boards! That way, if you find a color combination you like, you can save it on your own “Fifty Shades That Go with Gray” board.
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