Museum of Contemporary Photography Captures Chicago's Music Scene

Your Blues 1

Untitled (dancer_1)/Photo credit: Michael Schmelling

Chicago’s music scene, as expansive as it is, is obviously best portrayed on the stage. However, as with any art scene, it shouldn’t be limited to one medium. With the help of two equally special exhibitions, The Museum of Contemporary Photography proves that it’s just as important to capture the sights of Chicago’s live music as it is the sounds.

The first is Michael Schmelling’s Your Blues. Despite its title, this artist’s photos focus on a much broader subject than Chicago’s legendary blues music. In fact, the exhibition’s title refers more to the the Chicago music scene’s individualism than to one genre in particular. From punk to hip hop, house parties to venerable venues, DIY artists to professional labels, Schmelling peaks his lens into every corner of Chicago’s musical landscape. The resulting shots are as unique and varied as the subject itself.
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